Batterman School of Business Alumnus of the Year

This year the Batterman School of Business was excited to have our Alumnus of the Year, Chez Misko, speak at our graduation celebration. Chez Misko is the Chief Operating Officer of the Wisconsin Athletic Club, a company that in 2016 is celebrating its 40th year in business. He currently oversees all operational aspects of the business, including day-to-day club operations, remodeling and construction projects and leading WAC’s staff, which currently exceeds 1000 employees. His talk was well received and hit on what he calls the 5 C's of Success, and what he would want to pass on to the next generation of business people.

5 C's of Success

1. First C is Confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will. You have to learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

2. Second C is Communication. It is important to have congruency between the words you speak, the tone you use and your body language. Positive self-talk is crucial to your success.

3. Third C is Continued development. Being content to remain at the level that you have already achieved is your first step backwards. You’re either getting better or worse there is no in between.

4. Forth C is Consistency. It’s what you do every day that matters. You have to create habits that allow you to be the best you can be.

5. Fifth C is Caring. You have to show caring and compassion on order to have success.

"Success is not a limited pie. We are all capable of greatness. Everyone is capable of applying the 5 C’s and finding success."

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