Masters in Product Development

The Batterman School of Business continues to grow with the latest addition to its graduate program, the Masters in Product Development. This program focuses on the logistics, operations, marketing, and finance involved in new product development in food and beverage and potentially pursuing it professionally. While several professionals across the MPD field will contribute their knowledge to various aspects of this course, Bob Peiffer was instrumental in bringing this program to fruition. With 28+ years at Sargento, he is able to draw on many years of experience in food product development. We were able to ask him some questions about the new program.

In the business world, how does product development factor into value creation and brand maturation?

New product development (NPD) requires a diverse team of talented professionals that contribute to critical phases required in taking a new product to market. The MPD core course focusing on the food and beverage industry, will provide exposure to the new product development process from discovery of an idea through product launch. Students will learn the key areas within an organization that are involved in the process and the specific roles and disciplines they have. Students will develop a new product concept and explore the phases required to take it to market.

What are lessons some of the specific lessons taught in regards to product development?

Industry professionals in the food and beverage industry will contribute many years of real world expertise to the lesson plan through the two semester core course to students as they progress through the development process. Areas of discipline such as legal and regulatory, consumer research, concept testing, package design and sales and marketing will be covered.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will benefit students interested in gaining a comprehensive background of the new product development process in the food and beverage industry and strengthen their understanding of the many stages, disciplines, considerations and challenges facing NPD professionals today.

To find out more about the Masters in Product Development program contact the Batterman School of Business.