Chinese Graduates Cheer

How wonderful it is to have the 2017 graduating class of Concordia University’s Master of Business Administration degree program join us from China. It is remarkable that they have traveled so far to take part in this special event, but their journey to this end is even more remarkable. Their graduation marks the end of a significant phase and the commencement of another phase in their life’s journey.

Each of these graduates signed up for the MBA program to improve their career and life prospects. Many of them are aiming to move up the career ladder in business and management. Many are poised to pursue entrepreneurial dreams with the confidence of being better versed in the functional areas of business, and better equipped to evaluate opportunities, to make decisions and to communicate with the wide range of stakeholders that is necessary for business effectiveness and success. Post-graduation, they will continue to work hard to develop the required skills and attributes and to gain appropriate experience so that they will secure these much-sought-after roles when they arise. A special congratulations to this MBA graduating class of 2017!