Aurora Health Care

Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

President and Ceo: Nick Turkal, MD.

Founded: 1984

Annual Sales: $3.9 Billion

Locations: 15 Hospitals, 150+ Clinics, and 70 Pharmacies


  • Aurora Health Care is not-for-profit and all-for-people health care provider. Their programs address multiple health and wellness needs by supplying free and low-cost medial services.

  • The organization started in 1984, when St. Luke's Medical Center merged with Good Samaritan Medical Center to form Aurora Health Care.

  • They now serve cities throughout easter Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Their operations consist of 15 hospitals, 70 pharmacies, and more than 150 clinics.

  • Right now, Aurora has more than 700 clinical research projects- including more than 400 clinical trials.

  • The company has grown exponentially and continues to grow.


Mission and Vision

  • We strice to offer services that are close to home, and help make the whole community healthier.

  • It's all about our purpose: to help people live well.

  • We're committed to supporting research that leads to new and improved ways to care for people and manage community health. Our focus is on conducting research that has proven benefits for our patients.



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