Meet The New Faculty - Dr. Bart Brock

Dr. Bart Brock joined Concordia in Fall 2016. Throughout his 20-plus-year career in industry prior to joining the university, Dr. Brock served in CFO and COO positions for more than a decade with the First Alert and Coleman companies, and he has extensive experience managing complex organizations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia with an emphasis on mergers, acquisitions, and organizational turnarounds.

What drew you to Concordia?

I really enjoy the Christian atmosphere and Concordia’s dedication to true learning. CUW is a student-orientated university focused on both teaching and research to ensure students are properly prepared for the workforce with the most current business knowledge and practices.

What drew you to teaching? You have a corporate background, so what drove you to transition to being a professor?

I pursued my PhD while in the corporate environment to help better understand the causal elements of corporate performance, but after completing my doctorate, I remained intensely interested in continuing research and learning. I find teaching is the best way to continue learning, as well as the best way to share what we have learned. As a professor, I want to take complicated ideas and turn them into logical, cohesive, and comprehensive concepts that students can apply once they enter the business world.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I try to provide a clear and cohesive structure of whatever knowledge we are studying, and then I encourage students to interact and speak it in their own words. This allows them to feel more comfortable and helps me guide them to stronger understanding. Most of the time I try to explain a managerial problem to students and allow them time not only to solve the problem but also express how they got the answer—which both requires and builds confidence. I focus on the positive elements of answers and bridge any weaker elements to a better understanding so that students are more willing to risk making a “wrong” answer before exam time. When I notice that students’ understanding is not adding up, I look for different solutions by asking myself, “How can I get this concept across?” In the future, I want to concentrate on honing practical skills. I want students to have technical knowledge for their chosen fields but also learn practical ways of using that knowledge in a job. An example is heavier use of Excel spreadsheets for homework assignments. By including practical skills in my teaching, students are better able to incorporate these lessons in a wider business application rather than relying solely on textbook or online examples.

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