Global Leader Speaker Series

This was the first year that the Batterman School of Business offered MBA 587, or Industry Leader Seminar Series. Industry experts with experience in various areas of business came to Concordia to talk about their time in industry and ideas for the future of business. At the same time, Concordia hosted the Global Leaders Speaker Series, which worked in tandem with this new class, but had a global focus and connected to over 100 MBA students in China.

Our speakers included Damian Felton, the Director of the U.S. Commercial Service Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration; Alexander Romanovskii, Professor and Rector at the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University Ukraine”; Terry Dittrich, the Former Global Sales Director for Spancrete Global Services, and a board member for the U.S. Department of Commerce; and, finally, Jay Bayne, the retired executive director for the Milwaukee Institute, which provided high performance computing resources for Southeastern Wisconsin.

Each of the speakers discussed how their paths and work had centered around the global environment. Mr. Felton provided an interesting insight into the exporting that Wisconsin takes part in, and made a point that most of the world’s growth and money are outside the United States. Dr. Romanovskii reviewed the relationship between the U.S. and the Ukraine, and the effects of shifting to a free market economy after the fall of the Soviet Union. Mr. Dittrich spoke about Spancrete and how they expanded in China, becoming the first movers in their industry, and developing the standards with the Chinese government on how precast concrete should be manufactured. Dr. Bayne spoke on cybernetics, the study of control and communication in a system, and how big data, artificial intelligence, and global communication networks will shape the future of the global business community.

These events were open to the public, and both students and faculty were encouraged to attend. This course will likely run on an annual basis, so check back on to find out when the next speakers will be on campus.