Dean's Message - January 2017

Dear CUW School of Business Alumni,

As we usher in 2017, it is a great time to reflect on the last year, with its many challenges, and—hopefully for you—many blessings. And, if you are like me, it is a time to clear the clutter from your office and your mind (my office has never been so clear—not so sure about my mind, though).

This edition of our newsletter is chock full of exciting updates, plans for the future; so I hope you will take time to read it. Perhaps most notable is the new name for our school—we are now the Batterman School of Business, named after the generous supporter of Concordia University Wisconsin and of our new building, Ted Batterman. Ted epitomizes the kind of ethical and morally—grounded business leaders we try to train at Concordia, so it is a great honor and blessing to have him support us in this way. Please take time to read about his entrepreneurial successes and learn why he is such a wonderful role model for our students.

We also continue plans for our new building, which will house the Batterman School of Business and will have student business startup space. It will also house something we refer to as the Wisconsin Entrepreneur Exhibit™, which will tell the stories of the entrepreneurial journeys—and the guiding values—of great Wisconsin entrepreneurs, like Ted Batterman. As we have already planned exhibits for companies like Sargento, Palermo’s Pizza and Sendik’s Food Market, we look forward to showcasing all major Wisconsin companies.

In this second edition of “Business on the Bluff”, you will also hear from some of our talented new faculty hires, like Bart Brock (Accounting) and Tom Scholz (Finance). You will also hear from some of our incredibly entrepreneurial students. Remarkably, we had five new student-led companies form this semester, as part of our growing CULaunch business plan pitch competition. Also exciting is that our students are launching an investment club and will begin managing a small fund called the CVFM (Concordia Venture Fund Management). If you have any interest in participating or helping with CULaunch or the CVFM in any way, or in speaking to our students in our new Industry Leader Seminar Series, please let me know—we’d love to partner with you, and benefit from your expertise and life experience!

Furthermore, with the pending shifts in how healthcare is to be delivered in the U.S., our School of Business plans to take a leading role in the discussion of the business of healthcare. In that regard, Concordia will be hosting a Healthcare Economics Summit this Spring to discuss healthcare solutions at the interface of business and the world of medical services. Prominent thought leaders, such as John Torinus and Eric Haberichter, as well as key political proponents, will be joining in the discussion. Watch the Batterman School of Business blog, and for more updates.

I hope you are all doing well and that 2016 has given you many blessings. Please remember, as we try as well, to continue the mission of service to Christ in the Church and in the World. I wish you all a very blessed and prosperous New Year!

Daniel Sem, PhD, MBA, JD

Dean, Batterman School of Business