CUVentures Fund Management

CUVentures Fund Management Program is a student-led applied investment management program where students learn security analysis and portfolio management by managing a live portfolio. Our first team of student managers has been sourced from the CUW Investment Club.

CVFM was started as senior business student Kevin Jarvis’ desire to begin a student-led investment fund here at Concordia. I met Kevin in the spring of 2016 when I was teaching as an adjunct lecturer. Since then, Kevin and I, with the support of dean Sem, have begun building out our vision for the program. As part of the construction process, we have consulted with the directors of three highly—regarded applied investment programs—at Marquette, UW-Madison, and UW-Milwaukee—for their advice and guidance.

The meetings will cover the equity security analysis and portfolio management topics needed to manage a portfolio to a professional standard. The meetings will focus on the valuation tools, financial statement analysis techniques, and in-depth research required to build an investment thesis, as well as how to organize and present an investment recommendation.

We will always be required to take into account the current investment environment when making our investment decisions. Both total market and sector valuations will be taken into account when we search for the most promising individual opportunities and best risk-return trade-offs in our investment universe. However, being aware of quickly—changing market dynamics will not pull us away from our long-term strategy. We will not be turning the portfolio over by making many rapid-fire trades based on short-term factors. In addition to the long-term approach being a good philosophical fit for what we are trying to achieve, it also is a logistical necessity due to the initial size of our portfolio, which will be $20,000. The commission costs associated with even a modest level of turnover would quickly erode the total return of our portfolio.

2017 Goals

To prepare the first cohort of student managers

To develop an investment policy statement

To create an investment advisory board

To establish an investment strategy and process

To generate investment theses, which then become recommendations

To implement the trades that create the first portfolio

To present recommendations and results to industry professionals

To monitor the portfolio and use attribution analysis to measure the impact of our decisions