Anthony Moro

OLA Student and an Inspiring Entrepreneur.

Starting as a man who desired to serve his country in the Marine Corps, Anthony Moro returned from a 1 year tour in Afghanistan to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Unable to continue in the path he had envisioned for himself in the military, Moro began a new chapter.

With the help of his partner, Lisa Wishmann, and support from his CUW community, Moro and Wishmann opened up a cross fit training gym and have started Moro Performance. This gym is centered around a quote from Admiral Nimitz’s, speaking about the WW2 fight at Iwo Jimo, the largest all-Marine battle in history, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue."

Using his background in his military experience, his degree in Exercise Physiology, and his experience as an athlete, Moro brings excellence to his work and knowledge to his space. He has continued his education pursuing his masters in Organizational Leadership at Concordia Wisconsin, While Wishmann, also a former college athlete is continuing her education at CUW studying Applied Exercise Science.

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